Property Designs

Using many years of CAD design experience in many applications including aerospace, architecture, and landscaping. We will render a digital design for your farm, garden, or homestead!

Digitally rendered designs are completed by appointment only as they take a substantial time to render in detail. For this reason not many are worked in parallel. Please ask for availability.

We offer the following packages:

Level 1 Design: The Foundation

Single layered CAD rendered overview that covers the general layout.
The above figures are an estimation, depending on design it may be more or less than stated range
For more info please contact us here:

Level 2 Design: The Sovereign

Multi-layered CAD rendered maps that cover infrastructure and plant/animal systems in more detail. 

This design also comes with 12 hours of distance consulting.

This design option adds about ~$1,000 to the Base-Line price above.

For more info please contact us here:
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